Golden Sun

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Date Posted: June 10th, 2018, 11:22 am

Author Notes

Now we have our first catch!~ Onwards to the house to tell mom about a god givin Ash magic powers~

Also, sorry to say life shenanigans might be making it hard for me to comic for a bit. Things may be fine, but I may be going on hiatus for a bit soon. Hopefully all goes well, but prolly best to assume I'll be on hiatus a month or 2.


We can wait and i love she calls him out on being dramatic
@Truefan108: Moana isn't ready for Ash and Pikachu's over the top antics~
No one is
@pkmnMasterWheeler: hey bro its been a long time i hope you are ok.
permision @pkmnMasterWheeler:hey there i want to do something with your comic but i need your permission could you allow me to upload one of your comic pages of golden sun through youtube videos from my channel if you'd like?
@comercole: Uh, mind if i ask what sort of something?
Oh just some of the comic fottage for youtube from your comic.
@comercole: um, sure
@pkmnMasterWheeler:thanks one more thing are you going to come back or do you need more time?